Models: Violet Storm, Debbie, Amy

This one comes with a story. It begins with "Once upon a time three kinky British lasses had an idea to spice up a pee shot..." and ends like "...and they happily lived ever after while the Hightide crew renovated their studios". When Amy, Violet and Debbie proposed to combine naughty piss sex with food sploshing we agreed to give it a try - after all, what could possibly go wrong? So we got them a blow-up pool and a variety of sweet cream, pudding, syrop and juices and gave them the go. What followed was an hour of sheer madness. The girls had the time of their lives sitting in the urine filled pool, mixing their salty juices with sweet deserts, covering each other with the mix and tasting the sweet and salty cocktail. Soon we found ourselves in a studio that needed complete redecoration: cream, pudding and liters of piss splashed against walls and ceiling, the floor covered in a slimy mess, and three wild girls so turned on that they even tried stuff they never did before, like when Amy made Violet stick a fist up her cunt without any lube! Sweet & Salty, a combination that is truly unique.