Models: Amy, Benita, Leona, Rita, 1 delivery boy

Amy is back, wilder and hornier than ever! To fullfill more of her phantasies we teamed her up with three hotties Benita, Leona and Rita and - a premiere for Hightide - a handsome Pizza delivery boy. We start with a mouth-watering pee orgy with four girls serving each straight from the source. Amy's next phantasy involves a doctor to whom she confesses her weak bladder problem. When she has a wet accident during the examination the doc asks her for a urine specimen which she gladly provides. Then Amy herself films and directs Leona who closely observes her pussy in a mirror while peeing, tasting a sip and masturbating. Finally an unsuspecting Pizza delivery boy gets dragged into a wet and wild piss orgy by four insatiable girls who won't stop until his bladder and balls are empty. Between the scenes Amy candidly speaks about her love for watersports and the pleasure she gets from swallowing pee.