REGINA BELLA - Portrait Of A Dirty Queen

Welcome fellow scatlovers
I am glad you came here to share and enjoy filthy sex without inhibitions. I am an Italian woman with a strong sex drive and liking for anything that is kinky, bizarre and dirty.

Yet at the same time I like to present these things in an aesthetic, classy manner.
I want to be a dirty slut and angel at the same time, and as you may have seen in the movies I have made so far I like to push the limits with regards to toilet sex.
I have been carrying these fantasies with me for a long time, acting them out in my private sex life, but I was always intrigued by the idea of sharing these unusual inclinations with other people out there.

Because you are not alone with these desires, not matter how extreme they may be.

I will be adding news about my acitvities here on a regular basis so come back often and check with what is new.

Feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions. I am always happy to hear from fellow kinksters.

Stay dirty and enjoy my filthy adventures.

XXX Regina Bella

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More videos & photosets will be added very soon.