Models: Natalia Kapretti, Kat
Running Time: 41 minutes

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!

Natalia says: " Within just one year Kat developed from a shy newcomer into my most obedient and most depraved human toilet.

When she told me that she even dreams about eating my shit at night, I decided that it was time for her final exam: finishing a full bowl of my fresh, warm shit served straight from the source.

The stakes were high: I produced one of the biggest turds I can remember, but depite giving her several chances to stop Kat insisted to finish it all to the last chunk.

I watched in amazement how well she performed and how proud it made her to prove her love to me..."

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