Models: Chris, Cathy

A bizarre, extreme scat fairy tale with lots of very hard action in a video conceived by Chris in her unique visual style. During a stormy night, Cathy reads a mystical book about demons and ghouls. At the stroke of midnight her phantasies become reality as one of the female night creatures materializes in the room and seduces her to engage in the most depraved acts of perversion. Gleefully she swallows the lady’s hot, salty piss straight from the source and is taken into her dark kingdom where the dirty games really begin. Cathy swallows more urine and receives the mistress’ shit. Slowly the shy, innocent Cathy is transformed into a true shit, piss & vomit slave. Oral scat action, piss and enema swallowing, vomit and brown kisses - this is one bedtime story you will never forget.