Models: Alice

Alice is a stunning redhead with a naughty passion for brown poop games and roleplay. She her taking pleasure out of not going to the loo in the morning, saving it for her excitement and then squeezing her brown, smelly sugar into her knickers. Alice loves smearing her underwear with it, absorbing the fumes, playing with it and masturbating in the mess that she made. One scene has Alice pissing in a glass bowl and giving herself a delicate piss enema which she hold and then squirts the brown soup into her knickers. Sitting spread legged on a blow-up chair, she shoots her load onto the floor and picks up her eggs to give her pussy and stockings a tan.
Peeing, piss enemas, hot masturbation and, of course, lots of poop play with a gorgeous girl that will make you beg for Alice’ brown sugar, too.